Internet Web Design and E-Commerce

A simple search for "Web Design" on Google yields hundreds of pages of companies competing for the business of designing your next web site. So why should you use WANSecurity Web Design services? Besides our beautiful designs, and best of the best development team, we offer a level of service unmatched in the industry. E-Commerce websites have become the most simple way to shop, pay bills, communicate with friends, manage customers, trade stock and a multitude of other tasks. Along with the ease of use and popularity of such web platforms, there comes the profound responsibility of information security. Keeping your customers' sensitive information and financial data safe and secure is of utmost importance. To couple security requirements with the need for functionality, elegant design, speed, reliability and availability is no simple task. It is with these requirements in mind that we have solemnly engineered our design, development, deployment and hosting proceedures. WANSecurity Web Design services are for the discerning customer who understands the value of doing it right.Read more

Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity depends on the agility and ability of your organization to recover from interruptions in important business processes. For an IT business to survive, proper backups and super fast recovery options are an absolute must. Not only do we offer best in class Remote Backup services with continuous data protection, we offer customized off-site remote disaster recovery solutions to suit the needs of your organization. It's a nice warm fuzzy to know that when a natural disaster or some other catastrophe strikes your core network or business functions, that you have a remote DR site at one or more of WANSecurity's data centers ready to switch online
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Your business has reached a critical mass and you have many customers to support, but you are not ready to build out a Network Operations Center or NOC to provide the support that your growing customer base demands. Leave the burden on us. With many years of experience in network operations, network management and support centers, WANSecurity MyNOC has the staff, experience and tools necessary to provide 1st and 2nd tier support for your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. MyNOC is a white label service where we use state-of-the-art techniques and the latest and greatest monitoring technology to monitor your customer's critical business infrastructure. Our flagship monitoring platform Nexus Director and unique PBX system enables us to identify your customer the instant the phone begins to ring or a ticket is created. Our system links your company's runbook to the NOC engineers monitor who is taking the call, allowing us to represent your company and treat your customers with the same process and level of service that they are used to receiving from you.Read more

At the Office

  • Network Monitoring and Management. 24x7 Monitoring and Response
  • Network Security Assessments, Application Security and Forensics
  • Security Policy Review, Design, Implementation and Accreditation
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning

In the Lab

  • Hackproofing
  • Network resource consolidation
  • DDoS stress testing, and shielding
  • Got Hacked? Pwned? Get emergency assistance.

Open Source Software Support